How Tall is Anna Faris?
Anna Faris's Height:
5ft 3in

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Faris with Carmen Electra who claimed to be 5'2.5"

Anna Kay Faris is an American actress, producer, model and comedian best known for playing Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie film series and Zoey in The Dictator. She claimed to be 5'4" in an interview with Geek Monthly:

Quote:Something that defined me as a child was my height "I'm 5' 4" now which is pretty average but I was tiny growing up and I have a really tall family... I was at least a foot shorter than all of my classmates. That was how I was identified and when you're a kid your world is so small and something like that, being known as the short one, is really important and when I look back I really was a little Napoleon

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Faris with Ryan Reynolds who's around 6'2"
with her ex-husband 6'1-6'2 Chris Pratt:

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