How Tall is Alex Jones?
Alex Jones's Height:
5ft 8.75in

[Image: alexjonesheight.jpg]

Alex Jones with Charlie Sheen, who's over 5'8"

Alexander Emerick Jones is an American radio host best known for hosting The Alex Jones Show. He said that he was around 6 feet in his prime and around 5'10" as a 43 year old in this video, but you should know that men rarely lose height in their forties.

Quote:I was like 6 foot ...  I'm like 5'10" now but you know I always feel like I'm 8 feet tall
My 79 year old uncle is still 5-8 like he's always been
He's similar in height to Roger Stone, who's like 5 inches shorter than 6'0.5"-6'1" Donald Trump:

[Image: fsHZ1rR.jpg]

[Image: 0SWQXh6.jpg]
he's so fat and short looking. how can he be 5'9?