Anti-heightism activist little Joe Mangano admits he's 5'2" not 5'4"
Go to his website and listen to his latest broadcast (5 August). He admits that he's 5'2" after 3:45 but he claimed to be 5'4" on this forum.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Quote:Fellow little men, the best way to fight against heightism is to show people that there's nothing wrong with being short, which is why I have decided to add 2 inches to my height!

- Joseph Mangano

Easy laughs at the expense of men who are mere inches shorter than average are commonly accepted in daily conversation, in ads, in TV shows and films, at work. Even the rare man who shares my own height of just five feet two inches is only 10% smaller than a man of average stature in the U.S., and most men who are publicly berated for being short come within 5% of average height. Why do we ascribe so much social importance and status to such a small variance in size? My own height is below the 25th percentile for American women, so I’ve always been aware of society’s preference for taller people. But as a petite female, I sometimes benefit from stereotypes about small women.

I also thought that was admitting he was 5'2", but the entire broadcast was him quoting the Writer.
Yeah it appears so. Still believe he's under 5'2" though.
Nice website he has there. lol
I remember watching his sidewalk video and I don't believe he's 5'4" either. He looks extremely small even to me. It's good to know that there are plenty of Italian men of his age who are only 5 feet tall or so.

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