Why do so many people suggest that 5'9" is "a little short" online?
I've never heard an actual 5'9" guy referring to himself as short or being referred by others, but somehow everyone online, like on quora , LL forums, reddit, and gaming websites if height comes up think that 5'9" is "a bit short but not noticeable"  5'10" is average, and that 5'9" guys face short problems. 5'9 is the exact average for a male in the Western World, so how the hell can it ever be considered short? 

I've also seen many posts where a 5'9" complains, and everyone rushes to his side,but on the other hand if 5'10 guy does that he's called a nut. Do people even know what A measured 5'9" man looks like?
It's slightly below average for white men in the US, but still, most of them have 5'7-5'8 guys in mind when they think of 5'9".
I don't understand it either. I know several men around that height and they don't look short at all. Then again I'm only 5'3" so I might see it differently.
It's not just online but everywhere. Many people don't know how tall 5'9" is exactly and are led to believe that it's short. As a matter of fact some people believe that anything under 6 feet is short as well. Pathetic.
Dude if you go to the misc you'll see plenty of people saying 5'11" is short as well. People say a lot of shit on the internet

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