So apparently there's a weird creep on r/tall
Have you guys seen these posts? I know there are plenty of r/tall posters here.

Apparently this guy is gay and has a fetish for extremely tall people:

Quote:There is a person under the name “ememem93” who messaged people that post on this sub. They messaged me and other people, asking for their kik, and eventually asking for “pictures of them standing next to something.” It’s most likely a fetish thing, but who knows what he/she does with these pics. Stay safe out there folks, and avoid any creeps you find.

I forgot to add that I was 15 at the time, and they were well aware of that
They're saying it's this guy (black guy):

[Image: hrm9VUm.jpg]
The fuck? I found his profile on tallmenchat and he has several pics of tall men dwarfing people and other things. Looks like he's obsessed with them. Strange, strange guy.
"Welcome to being a woman on the internet."

Is it right to post his picture? Maybe it's not him
(07-15-2018, 06:45 PM)john24 Wrote: Is it right to post his picture? Maybe it's not him

It's definitely him dude. Check out his posts

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