Takes a full 12 hours to loose all my morning height
Anyone else like this? I’ve found that even if I do intense exercise, I still loose some height until bedtime even after the first 6 hours . And I’ve tested it with hydration to be sure. Oh and I never lie down, just sit.
That's because you lie down throughout the day and regain a little bit of height. There's no way it would take that long to lose all of it if you don't, especially if you do intense exercise. That would make you lose it faster.
And what's your height after those 12 hours?
(06-14-2018, 06:56 PM)lildon Wrote: And what's your height after those 12 hours?
5'8.75" like my flair says, but I settle at about 5'8 7/8 for most of the day.

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