Poll: At what height will you most likely never see someone taller?
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How tall do you have to be to never come across a taller man?
Excluding celebrities, at what height will you never run into someone taller?
I haven't run into a taller guy in a couple of months, and I'm not even 6'4" but it depends on where you live. A 6'4" guy will rarely come across taller guys in your average small town but not so in a big city like New York.
Even 7 footers will come across a few taller guys in their life, unless they're hermits or something.
At least 6'9 really...I mean to truly NEVER see anybody taller. Just from my own observation the tallest super tall guys I see anywhere (uni campus, airports, big cities, etc.) are usually between 6'7-6'9. I don't ever see anybody taller than that. 6'5-6'6 guys aren't terribly hard to find where I live. They're not common by any means but occasionally I will see some random 6'6 guy at the supermarket or at the Home Depot so I would say that height doesn't cut it. 6'7 maybe but I think you can still see a few guys who just edge you out.

Also iirc Beau Brown (legit 7'0) of 7footvlogs said in one of his Q&As that he's never seen anybody taller than him which I can believe. He's only in his 20s though so maybe at some point he will.