How Tall is Kiefer Sutherland?
Kiefer Sutherland's Height:
5ft 8.5in

[Image: kiefersutherlandheight.jpg]

Sutherland with Julia Roberts who's around 5'8"

Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland is a British-Canadian actor, director, producer, singer and songwriter best known for his roles in The Three Musketeers, A Few Good Men, Phone Booth, A Time To Kill, Dark City and 24.

Quote:Sutherland said that he often chooses films based on his own life. the levels of faith, spirituality, forgiveness, atonement, greed. All the things we deal with in the film, I believe in the outcome." He did a movie like "Renegades" for the chance to play a macho tough guy. "I'm not a very tough person, I stand maybe 5 foot 9, but it's great to be the tough guy. And I like police films.

Quote:People probably think I’m taller than I am [5-foot-9].

Good listing. "Maybe 5'9" means that he's not a legit 5'9. Poor guy is about 6 inches shorter than his father.

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