How Tall is Donald Trump?
Donald Trump's Height
6ft 1in

[Image: howtallisdonaldtrump.jpg]

Trump next to Barack Obama

Donald John Trump is a businessman, television personality and the 45th president of the United States. He's listed at 6'2" on his driver's license but he claimed to be 6'3":

Quote:Trump was also offended when Branson included in his series a character made up to look like Trump. "It was some little guy who weighs 400 pounds," Trump said. "Hey, I'm 6 foot 3."

However at his inauguration he looked slightly shorter than former president Barack Obama who's over 6'1" so he should be over 6 feet now. We have to take his age into account but it's unlikely that he was ever 6'2", much less 6'3".
6'1.5" is a bit too high. He's an inch taller than Jimmy Kimmel, so he should be only around 6 feet now:


I don't think he was ever taller than 6'1".
His driver's license:

He looks taller than Rajoy

Rajoy is 1.86
Looks at least 3 inches shorter than 6'4" Bill O'Reilly, and Bill is old too so he's probably shorter now.

[Image: d6Oqq2r.jpg]
He was 6-1 peak. Obviously 6-0 max now. 6-3 Jeb Bush always had 3 inches on him at the debates
Trump with 6'2" Mark Sanchez:

[Image: donald-trump-and-ny-jets-quarterback-mar...?s=612x612]

Sanchez is close to the camera but still...
6-0 max today. Sanchez has a good 2 inches on him. 6-3 Jeb Bush always had 3 inches on him at the debates
Here's a younger Trump with Mike Tyson:

[Image: hCRujqz.jpg]

I don't see 4 inches between them. There's like 3 inches and Tyson is probably closer to 5'9.5" than 5'10".

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