How Tall is Mark Ruffalo?
Mark Ruffalo's Height:
5ft 7in

[Image: howtallismarkruffalo.jpg]

Ruffalo with Chris Hemsworth who's around 6'3"

Mark Alan Ruffalo is an American actor and filmmaker best known for his roles in Zodiac, What Doesn't Kill You, The Kids are All Right, Shutter Island, The Normal Heart, Spotlight, Foxcatcher and The Avengers film series.

He said this on twitter:

Quote:Who is your favorite brown haired, brown eyed, 5-9 male actor with an Italian sounding name, roughly 49yrs old?

Quote:5-9 with thick soles???

[Image: markruffaloheight.jpg]

Ruffalo with Josh Gad, who's around 5'6"
[Image: GsKrPup.jpg]

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