How Tall is The Big Show?
Big Show's Height:
6ft 11in

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The Big Show with Shaquille O'Neal

Paul Wight, better known as The Big Show, is an American actor and professional wrestler. In the beginning of his wrestling career Wight was billed at 7'4", but in this interview he claimed to be a little over 7 feet:

Quote:In WCW they announced you at 7 foot 4, 550 pounds. 

Big Show: Lying, lying, lying, lying I was never 7 foot 4. I've always been a little over 7 foot.

Shaquille O'Neal is around 7 feet tall and he's clearly taller than him. Dirk Nowitzki who is slightly shorter than Shaq is also taller than the Big Show.

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The Big Show with Dirk Nowitzki
(04-04-2017, 04:54 PM)administrator Wrote: Throughout his wrestling career Paul Wight has been billed at 7' to 7'4 tall.

Actually Big Show was listed as high as 7'5 in the WCW! And in the WWE he was listed at 7'2. The latter listing is not that unrealistic but the former is absurd.
I still can't believe how short he looks next to Shaq. He looks only around 6'9" next to him, which is strange considering how big he looks next to the other wrestlers. I think they're all much shorter than they claim.
In the Weakest Link he referred to himself as a:

"7 Foot 500 pound guy"