IMPORTANT: About this Section
Only Moderators and Admins are allowed to create new threads in the "Celebrity Heights" forum, and members need to have 5 posts to be able to reply.

Post the names of the celebrities you'd like to see listed here in the Requests thread. A moderator will do some research and create new threads about them. Members can then post pictures and information about these celebrities and together we will determine their actual height.


Posts in this section should contain valuable information preferably with photos of the celebrity in question. Short posts containing wild guesses like "I think he's 5'8" will be removed. You need to tell us why you think he/she is at that height.


The listings here are estimates. It's hard to determine the exact height because different camera angles, posture and shoes can make a person appear taller or shorter than he really is, so I can't guarantee you that these listings are 100% correct. There's only one way to determine someone's exact height and that is to measure the person yourself. Still, most of the time our guesses are very close. I look at hundreds of different photos of the celebrity in question before listing his height.