How Tall is Ben Shapiro?
Ben Shapiro's Height:
5ft 5.5in

[Image: howtallisbenshapiro.jpg]

Shapiro with Rand Paul

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is a lawyer, radio talk show host, author, columnist and political commentator from the United States. He claims to be 5'9":

Quote:LOL! Even I, at a strapping 5'9", have bigger hands than 6'2" Trump. Sad! Weak!

Quote:@Nero keeps ripping on my height (5'9"), but I'm not sure how he knows how tall I am, considering he spends all his time on his knees.

Quote:Hey, it's 5'9" and a ripped 155.

Quote:Interviewer: Is it true that you are 5'9"?

Shapiro: [laughs] last time I checked!

Shapiro looks similar in height to Rand Paul who's shorter than the self-proclaimed 5'6" Jon Stewart, so his 5'9" claim is unrealistic.

I think he's wearing lifts in that photo. Look at how small his head is compared to Rand's. He looks like a smaller guy but strangely he's slightly taller. Frankly I find it hard to believe that he's over 5'4".
This guy is so full of shit. 


he also says (@1:40) that he doesn't remember if he was shorter than Ted Cruz:

[Image: l97DzEq.jpg]

A lot of people on celebheights think he is 5'8 LOL. I don't understand how the fuck people can think he is above 5'6 when he gets towered over in almost every photo/video. It just goes to show that the people in the comments on celebheights are absolute shit at estimating heights yet they claim to be experts