How Tall is Ellen DeGeneres?
Ellen DeGeneres's Height:
5ft 5.75in

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DeGeneres with Britney Spears

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American actress, television host, comedian, writer and producer best known for her role in the sitcom Ellen and for hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She claimed to be 5'8" in an interview with the Los Angeles Magazine:

Quote:How tall are you and why?

Funny you should ask. Well, I don't know if it's gossip, but the people always tell me, "You're so tiny, you look taller on TV." I'm five feet and eight inches soaking wet, but on television I look five feet six. I read that you shrink as you get older, so in 20 years I won't be visible on camera anymore. That's why my motto is, "Host all you can while you're still tall enough!" And to answer the second half of your question, I'm five feet eight because I drink milk.

In heels the 5'4" Britney Spears looks taller than her, so obviously she's much shorter than 5'8". She looks similar in height to Jon Stewart, who claimed to be 5'6".

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DeGeneres with Jon Stewart
Ellen with 5'11" Jimmy Kimmel and 5'8" Zac Efron:

With 5'11" Jake Gyllenhaal:

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There's definitely more than 5 inches between them