How Tall is Brock Lesnar?
Brock Lesnar's Height:
6ft 2in

[Image: IPDREUw.jpg]

Brock Lesnar with Wiz Khalifa, who claimed to be 6'4"

Brock Edward Lesnar is a professional wrestler, former MMA fighter, professional American football player and amateur wrestler from the United States. He was listed at 6'4" in the WWE, 6'3" in the UFC and 6'2" in the NFL.

He doesn't appear to be much taller than John Cena, who claimed to be 6 feet tall:

[Image: 314XG9V.jpg]
“He’s a big guy, like me,” Overeem shrugged, after he and Lesnar squared off for a staredown on stage at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. “I thought he was taller because of the UFC poster, but he was actually shorter than me.”

Alistair Overeem
Here's another one with John Cena. There's barely an inch between them.

[Image: dWLqMUQ.jpg]
He's only an inch taller than Cena if not less, so he should be around 6'1" not 6'2". I'm pretty sure legit 6'2s like Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck are slightly taller than him.