How Tall is Howard Stern?
Howard Stern's Height:
6ft 5in

[Image: howtallishowardstern.jpg]

Stern with Donald Trump, who's around 6'1"

Howard Stern is an American radio and television personality best known for the Howard Stern show. In a show with Shaquille O'Neil Stern said he's 6'5" and that he was taller than Magic Johnson (who's listed at 6'9" with the NBA) when they met, which is strange because in this video you can clearly see that Johnson was the taller one.

He says all of this after 33:00:

Bill O'Reilly, who's around 6'4" confirmed that Howard is taller than he is. From Wikipedia:

Quote:During his time at BU, O'Reilly also was a classmate of future radio talk show host Howard Stern, whom O'Reilly noticed because Stern was the only student on campus taller than he was.
I met this guy and he was definitely taller than me. I think he's more than 6'5 but rounds it down instead of up. Very tall guy.
Stern with Jimmy Kimmel:

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