How Tall is Charles Barkley?
Charles Barkley
6ft 4.75in

[Image: howtallischarlesbarkley.jpg]

Barkley With Lennox Lewis, who's around 6'5"

Charles Wade Barkley is a retired professional basketball player from the United States. He was listed at 6'6" with the NBA, but in an article from the nytimes Barkley was quoted saying that he's 6'4.75".

Quote:Do you ever wonder how something as objective as height can be in doubt, especially for elite players?

“They lie,” said Charles Barkley, a basketball commentator for TNT. “I’ve been measured at 6-5, 6-4 ¾. But I started in college at 6-6.”

The article then goes on to explain why some basketball players lie about their height:

Quote:“College coaches pay a hell of a lot better attention when a guy is 6 feet instead of 5-11,” said Chris Ekstrand, a consultant to the N.B.A. who was the longtime editor of its draft guide. “And if you have a 6-7 wunderkind rebounder, you list him at 6-8 to get Division I scouts to notice.”

There is a psychological game going on, too. When a player thinks his opponent is taller, he may give that opponent more respect than he deserves for rebounding — and less than he deserves for quickness. This can be good for several points and rebounds before the player adjusts.

Six feet is a touchstone for guards, as 6-8 is for rebounders. But the second number may be heading downward as rules have softened physical play and helped forwards like Shawn Marion, who is listed at 6-7 but is probably more like 6-5 or 6-6, become imposing rebounders.

I don't doubt the 6'4.75" claim considering how big the man is and how often he dwarfs everyone around him. If anything he appears taller, but I doubt he would say he's shorter than he really is.

Here he is with Steven Seagal, who's over 6'3":

[Image: charlesbarkleyheight.jpg]

And here he is with Shaq, The Rock and Mark Wahlberg:

[Image: charlesbarkleyrealheight.jpg]
I still find it hard to believe that he's "only" 6'4.75". Maybe he wasn't done growing when he was measured at that height? Look closely at the Lewis pic. Lewis is closer to the camera but they're still the same height, so Barkley is probably a little taller. Also he dwarfs other tall people like Dwayne Johnson.